Online Coaching

What is online coaching?

Online coaching is a cost effective approach to the standard form of face to face coaching. Training times are more flexible as it does not depend on the availability of the coach. Most of the program is carried out independently. Coaches will provide specific instruction through an online platform for the Athlete to incorporate into their training.

How is it done?

After an initial meet up with the athlete, coaches will prepare a program for an athlete based on their strengths and weaknesses learnt from the meet up. This program is given weekly / bi-weekly depending on the progress of the athlete. Using this program, the athlete then completes the program at their own convenience whilst recording videos of their exercises. At the end of a training week, the designated coach will review videos and provide feedback to the athlete to work on the following week. This will go on until the end of the program where athletes will meet up with coaches to measure their progress. Sometimes the end of the program could also be a targeted competition.


8 week online coaching heavily focused on basic technique and knowledge sharing. Intakes are done in groups. Ideal for Beginner – Intermediate level athletes.


Basic customized online coaching. Program for main lifts only (Squat, Benchpress & Deadlift), with recommended accessory exercises. Minimum 3 months. Ideal for Intermediate level athletes or those new to Online Coaching.


Further personalised online coaching to cater to the individual’s strength and weaknesses. Program includes main lifts, accessories and mobility drills (where necessary).
Minimum 3 months. Ideal for competitive athletes or preparing for a competition.

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Program duration

Beginner level

Intermediate level

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Initial Assessment

Final Assessment

Main lift (SBD) program

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per month

RM 200 / month

+RM80 1st Assessment

3 Months



per month

RM 350 / month

3 month: RM 975

4 month: RM 1300

3 - 4 Months

STRENGTH program for Beginner and Intermediate level athletes is not recommended, but can be adjusted to cater. Case by case basis.

First One on One Assessment for STRENGTH program is Mandatory but not included in price. Additional RM80 for meet up session.

Accessory lifts for STRENGTH program is only suggested. No Accessory program provided.

Meet handling will be depending on availability of Coaches.