About Us

Uplift Coaching Services

Formerly known as Outlaw Powerlifting, we started our Coaching Services to share our accumulated knowledge on Powerlifting. There is a lot of information out there that may confuse some lifters. We aim to clear that up, providing quality coaching and knowledge sharing to as many people as possible. We take pride in contributing to the growth of the sport in our own way.


Coach Kelvin

“My main objective is to help beginner lifters out there to kick start their Powerlifting journey. Specifically powerlifters without any experiences in terms of competing, training and self programming. It is also an honour to be given this opportunity to spread the passion and love of the sport to the nation.”

Kelvin has coached athletes who have represented Malaysia on the international platform. With his sharp eye for technique, he has helped many Powerlifters achieve their potential. With the Outlaw Powerlifting, Kelvin leads the team and handles lifters of various skill and experience levels.

Competitions attended: 8

Lifting Philosophy: Powerlifting isn’t about how much you lifted, but how much you love to lift.

Coach Syaz

“I would like to help people understand the importance of good technique and how it should be out at a much higher priority than the numbers lifted. With good technique, lifts will improve. Slowly, steadily and injury free. I hope to be able to promote Powerlifting more, to get more people to lift heavy and safely. Passion for seeing others improve is what drives me more into the sport.”

A full time engineer, Syaz plays a more supportive role in the team. After participating in several Powerlifting meets, he has decided to share this passion for the sport by coaching potential athletes who are new to the Powerlifting community.

Competitions: 5

Lifting Philosophy: I lift to teach

What does a Powerlifting Coach do?

  1. Involve ourselves in every aspect of getting our athletes to achieve their goals
  2. Emphasize on improving technique because we believe that technical efficiency is very important to the sport of Powerlifting and maximising 1RM strength. Of course together with minimising chances of injury.
  3. Help our students to see the goals that they may have not been aware of, unleashing their true potential
  4. Aspire our students to eventually go to higher level competition such as Regionals, Nationals, or even Worlds.
  5. Encourage two way communication between us and students in order to maintain accountability and establish the relationship starting from the day we meet up to competition day.