We started our Coaching Services to share our accumulated knowledge on Powerlifting. There is a lot of information out there that may confuse some lifters. We aim to clear that up, providing quality coaching and knowledge sharing to as many people as possible. We take pride in contributing to the growth of the sport in our own way.
– Kelvin & Syaz

What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is a cost effective approach to the standard form of face to face coaching. Training times are more flexible as it does not depend on the availability of the coach. Most of the program is carried out independently. Coaches will provide specific instruction through an online platform for the Athlete to incorporate into their training.




8 week online coaching heavily focused

on basic technique and knowledge sharing.

Ideal for Beginner – Intermediate

level athletes.


Basic customized online coaching.

Program for main lifts only

(Squat, Benchpress & Deadlift).

Ideal for Intermediate level athletes

or those new to Online Coaching.


Further personalised online coaching

to cater to the individual’s

strength and weaknesses. 

Ideal for competitive athletes.